Growth: Excruciatingly extraordinary

January 9th, 2019 –  U!Shine Vienna

If you’ve been following our dream for U!Shine Vienna from the beginning, then you know 2018 was a huge year for us. It was a year all about building: Working to get U!Vie (our self-dubbed nickname) founded as a legal entity, gathering a team, opening a bank account, creating a website, finding our voice on social media, and networking among a number of other exciting moments.

It was also a year of extraordinary and excruciating growth. Extraordinary because, whoa, U!Shine Vienna exists and we’ve met so many phenomenal people in Vienna, immigrants and locals alike, due to its existence. Excruciating because, as growth does, we’ve been stretched in uncomfortable, disappointing, and at times, disheartening ways. I tell you this not to kill the mood, but rather, to be transparent in how we’ve experienced the realities of founding this organization.

Non-profit building is tough stuff, and we took some serious mental health days as a result in order to preserve the progress we’ve made so far. We did a lot of journaling, talking, crying, breathing, and getting the necessary psychological aid to support us throughout 2018. There were plenty of days we wanted to throw in the towel, convinced this whole endeavor was a huge mistake. But as uncomfortable as those times were and will be, they were reminders that such growth was and continues to be so necessary. 

Through struggle is how we learn the skill of resilience, the cornerstone of mental and emotional health.

Through struggle is how we learn the skill of resilience, the cornerstone of mental and emotional health. And we’ve often found that just when we’re feeling pretty low and tempted to curl up into the fetal position, the light flips back on and restoration follows. The messages we received and conversations we had last year about the desperate need for something like U!Shine Vienna gave us life and encouraged us to keep moving forward.

So, on we go into 2019 where the real excitement begins as all of that building we’ve been doing is going to finally start making its way to the forefront.

Our website is set to launch in January which will be closely followed by our first ever Information Night. February will see our first meditation event, our first seminar, a test run of a movie night, and a restructured version of last year’s Coffee Meetups. We’re also eager to begin posting episodes from our upcoming podcast as well as well personal stories and tips from our blog. 

We are beyond excited (and a little terrified) for what 2019 will bring for U!Shine Vienna and invite you to join us on this journey of bringing mental and emotional health awareness, education, and hope to the city of Vienna, Austria.

About The Author

Holly lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband and two tiny kids as a Life Coach and an ambassador for Jesus. She loves meeting new people and hearing their stories in one of Vienna's fantastic cafes. She's passionate about people, writing, photography, journaling, mental health, and coffee. Currently, Holly is working on a way to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of conversation in Vienna. To connect with Holly, visit her blog or follow her on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

Michelle is cofounder of U!Shine Vienna and lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband. She is a homebody, but when she's put it's for shopping, attending local events, and seeing movies. Michelle is passionate about healing arts, equality, and helping out your fellow human. You can follow her blog at: