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A Note from Jenn on Depression

October 17th, 2018 – Notes From Jenn

Today, I will admit, is a heavier article than I generally share, but in light of the loss our culture has experienced over the past several months, I thought it was fitting to spend a little time with the realities of depression.

Here I am not discussing “the blues,” but diagnosed clinical depression. The “blues” is generally situational and usually doesn’t last very long. We ALL experience blues at one point or another. However, depression is different. Depression occurs when symptoms like hopelessness, irritability, or feelings of emptiness last longer than two weeks and affect daily functioning.

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Love: Noun or Verb?

February 27th, 2018 – Notes From Jenn

As we wrap up February, a month full of red hearts, stomachache inducing amounts of chocolate, and kitschy valentine’s cards, I can’t help but think on the word LOVE. Love is a word with so many meanings, and -- at times — so little meaning. So my curiosity caused me to do some digging into how love and mental health are connected.

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