U!Shine Seminars

Share, Inform, Inspire

This 7 part seminar series is ETHOS approved and gives every student a better understanding of their mental and emotional health. Our holistic seminars help students understand the science of our emotions and feelings, find spiritual strength and hope in God's love, and learn practical tools to help them better their well-being - mind, body, and spirit. The seminars are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Each seminar lasts one hour and snacks will be provided. Seminars are free to all university students. Come join us! 

Fall 2017 U!Shine Seminar Series

September 25 | Activities that Boost Mental Health, presented by Vivian Hoffmeister

October 2 |Adulting: How Not to Live in Your Parent's Basement for the Rest of Your Life, presented by Summer Lashley

October 16 | Understanding Substance Abuse, presented by Brandi McDaniels

October 30 | Using Technology for Mental Good, presented by Devonne Carter

November 6 | From the Inside Out: What Eating Disorders Really LookLike, presented by Alison Squire

November 27 | Conflict Happens: How Do U Handle It?, presented by Marcina Simmons

December 4 | Adventures in Grit, presented by Bobby Kern and Brandon Tatum

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