What We Do

It's pretty simple really.
We bring awareness

of the prevalence of mental health disorders on college campuses, and teach students the warning signs and symptoms of common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. We show them how their mind, body, and spirit are connected and the importance of a holistic mental health plan. A holistic approach should include exercise, a healthy diet, a healthy spiritual life, coping techniques for stress, anxiety and depression, resilience, and a proper view of self and the world around us.

We bring education

through our 14 UShine Conversations, which are available for every student, and which give them a better understanding of their mental and emotional health and teaches them the importance of a holistic approach to mental well-being. Through our UShine Healthy Habits 5 week program, participants work in small groups with a facilitator to learn and practice skills to promote emotional health and manage stress. They also learn the importance of resilience. Resilience isn't about avoiding failure, it’s about embracing failure, learning from our mistakes, and bouncing back stronger. Together the groups work on goal-setting and spur one another on to success.

We bring hope

through a transparent approach and story-telling we show students the number of beautiful, kind, and talented people in this world that live full lives despite a diagnosis with mental illness. We make it more acceptable to talk about, and easier to address, and in the process shatter stigmas. We let them know they aren't alone and we encourage students to look beyond themselves and be aware of those around them that might be struggling. 

We show them God's love

We want every student to know, that in God's eyes they are loved, gifted, and accepted. Fully known yet fully loved. Helping them find their self-worth, not through the worlds standards, but through the lens of God's word and the love and sacrifice of Christ, can play a big part in finding emotional and mental healing.