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Abby DeSteiguer

Why she is a part of U!Shine

Abby became a part of U!Shine as she help found and establish the Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind program on campus last Fall. Abby is passionate about making mental health more of a priority and reducing stigma associated with mental illness. She would like to be involved in mental health advocacy in the future. She is excited to see how U!Shine makes a difference in the lives of college students.

What makes her smile?

Friends and family who make life brighter, live music, traveling to new places, and a good game of ping pong.

More about Abby

Abby graduated with a degree in psychology at OC and she intends to pursue a law degree. She hopes that these skills will equip her to become a mental health advocate. She has traveled throughout Europe, South America, and several places in Africa and loves being immersed in different cultures. 

How does she stay mentally fit?

Taking each day and emotion as it comes, spending time with people who she can be completely real with, and getting plenty of rest.