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Amanda Watson

Student Events Coordinator at OC

Why she is a part of U!Shine 

Amanda has a deep passion for the growth and development of college students. She currently works at Oklahoma Christian University as the Student Events Coordinator. In her role at OC she works very closely with student leaders to provide events for every student on campus. U!Shine brings a special opportunity to provide support and mental awareness to students that may not otherwise be exposed to it. Amanda hopes to get student involvement by integrating U!Shine into current student events on campus. 

What makes her smile? 

Amanda has 3 young children that she finds much  joy in. The simplest things, like watching her children play together or experiencing new things makes her smile. 

More about Amanda 

Amanda and her husband Luke love to attend sporting events,from their kids games to professional sports. Traveling is her favorite hobby. Amanda is a bit of a musical nut and cannot stop listening to "Hamilton". 

What helps her be mentally fit? 

Daily devotion and prayer. Practicing positivity and gratefulness daily. Trying to find something good in everything and everyone.