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Brandon Tatum

President, Oklahoma Christian Academy

About Brandon

Despite not making his fourth grade little league all-star team Brandon has had a successful career. "I wasn't sure I would be able to bounce back from the devastating all-star team news, but fortunately I found the grit to move on to new adventures." 

Brandon Tatum is the president of Oklahoma Christian Academy, a Pre-K to 12th grade school located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Brandon has spent over a decade in education and has worked with hundreds of students and families throughout his career at both the collegiate and grade school levels. Brandon is pursuing his doctoral degree in organizational leadership from Abilene Christian University. He also has two children's books being published this year; The Adventures of Grit and The Diary of a Lousy Book. 

He serves on several national, state, and local boards including the National Christian School Association Board of Trustees, National Christian School Association Board of Commissioners, Texas Christian School Association Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Christian University Institutional Review Board, and the Institute for Emerging Leaders Advisory Board. 

Brandon and his wife Megan have a son named Sawyer, and twin daughters Blakely and Gentry. Brandon blogs regularly at

Why he is a part of U!Shine

He is thankful to be a part of U!Shine because he is passionate about forming the next generation of contributors.