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Cade Deister

Research Assistant, Student Ambassador, & Coordinator of the Student Leadership Team

About Cade

Cade is a Psychology & Vocational Ministry major at Oklahoma Christian University. He is also a
Student Research Assistant, Student Ambassador, & coordinator for the Student Leadership Team for U!Shine on OC’s campus. He hopes to go from OC to a doctoral program in a research field of psychology, ideally cognitive psychology or human factors research.

Why he is a part of U!Shine

Cade loves research. He believes through the sharing of research those in helping professions
can improve the lives of many people over time.
One reason Cade joined U!Shine is to help spur on the research that they do. Cade also joined out of a desire to fight the stigma surrounding mental health, especially among men. He recognized that men his age often do not talk about mental health issues, and hopes that, through U!Shine, the conversation surrounding mental health can open to all people on college campuses.

What makes him smile?

A good photo or work of art, a good song, a good cup of coffee, and a fascinating topic.

How does he stay mentally fit?

To stay mentally fit, Cade enjoys putting on one of his many playlists or CDs, walking on local
, staying engaged in the study of a variety of subjects, and practicing a habit of regular
prayer time with others