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Darci Thompson

Director of Wellness, OC

Why she is a part of U!Shine 

Darci chooses to be a part of U!Shine because wellness (physical and mental) is something she is passionate about. Her “real world” job pertains to this, and she believes that wellness doesn’t cease to be important at the end of her work day. U!Shine helps to connect those dots. More than this—Darci has suffered with post-partem depression followed by miscarriage and is a cancer survivor. U!Shine gives her a place to be real and relate to those who find themselves in difficult situations.

What makes her smile? 

Accomplishing something big—her daughters, summiting a mountain (Kilimanjaro, for one), going rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon! Time spent with my husband and daughters along with their extended family and friends. But, more than that—helping people see their potential and watching them grow!

More about Darci 

Darci is a former Director of Admissions who turned her love for fitness into a full time job as Director of Fitness and Wellness at Oklahoma Christian University. She loves to push people and challenge them to grow! Her passions extends beyond the physical to the wellness of the whole person.

How does she stay mentally fit? 

Meditation, working out, nutrition, a good counselor and time spent in prayer or bible study. An honest and transparent heart to heart with a good friend doesn't hurt either! :)