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Dr. Tina Winn

Why she is a part of U!Shine

As a professor of psychology at Oklahoma Christian, Tina Winn teaches several courses that address mental health issues.  She has researched factors related to motivation and forgiveness and is currently involved in a research project at OC that aims to improve mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being among college students.

What makes her smile?

Witnessing her students’ excitement about what they are learning and their application of what they have learned to improve their lives.

More about Tina

She and her husband Terry are new “empty nesters.” Their son got married this summer and their daughter began a graduate program in international relations this fall. 

What is her mental "workout"?

Staying active in her field through conferences, networking, and research, practicing and teaching mindfulness techniques, regular physical workouts, and reflective spiritual study, prayer, and meditation.