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Jennifer Winton

Founder/Executive Director

Why she started U!Shine

As someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression throughout her life, Jennifer personally knows the darkness that can come from mental illness. On the bright side, she also knows the hope and healing that can come through a holistic approach to mental health.  She loves sharing her story of hope with others and is passionate about teaching university students and young adults their potential for becoming more mentally resilient. She also loves helping break the unfortunate stigmas that often come with mental illness, by sharing stories of the many beautiful, creative, and successful people who live full and amazing lives despite a diagnosis of mental illness.

What makes her smile?

Watching her daughters tackle hard things (even if they don’t succeed), planting flowers, traveling, meeting new people, and accomplishing a goal.

More about Jennifer

She lives on a cattle ranch with her 4 daughters and husband, homeschools with a classical model of education,  and owns a coffee shop and market with her husband in the town of Luther, OK.

What is her mental "workout"?

Practicing mindfulness and meditation, exercising 3 or 4 days a week, seeing her trusted counselor when needed, and striving to set her mind on spiritual things instead of earthly things.