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Jennifer Witherspoon

Why he (she) is a part of U!Shine

She is a part of U!Shine because she has witnessed the impact of poor nutrition on people of all ages through her work as a dietitian for over a decade. She believes food choices impact the body and mind and spreads this message to interested groups every chance she gets.

What makes her smile?

She loves the smell of hot coffee in the morning, running with her daughter, kitchen companions to make a mess with, and sharing life with a couple of tight groups of girlfriends. More than anything, she loves a great comeback story. There are few things in life better than great food, family, friends, and comebacks.

More about Jenny

She has spent her career as a dietitian doing a variety of work. She has a great amount of experience with clinical dietetics, private practice, and higher education. Speaking engagements are her favorite way to practice because it gives her the chance to connect with a large group and share knowledge gained from all areas of her work. 

What helps her be mentally fit? 

She utilizes many strategies to keep herself mentally fit and focused. Her husband is her rock and great source of encouragement. She runs marathons and thinks there’s nothing better than a slow, long run to clear her head. She keeps a gratitude journal and keeps her connection to God through prayer. He is her everything. Forward progress is important to her and this serves as her motivation for continuous goal-setting. Still, with all of these strategies in place and even on her best day, she fails. The good news is that every time she fails, she still gains the kind of wisdom and strength that only come from a solid failure. Shine on, friends!