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Kelcy Enriquez


Why she is a part of U!Shine

Kelcy joined the U!Shine team because it was an opportunity for her to use her talents to help a cause that can make big differences on the campus of Oklahoma Christian. Having known several people close to her who struggled with anxiety and depression, she believes in the mission of U!Shine and the importance of mental health and healing. Kelcy hopes to use her talents as a photographer and social media guru to help build the U!Shine brand, bring awareness to U!Shine, and reach students and young adults who could greatly benefit from this amazing resource. 

What makes her smile? 

Cookie dough ice cream, miniature dachshunds, and The Office. 

More about Kelcy 

Kelcy lives in Edmond, OK and works as a Resident Director at Oklahoma Christian. She also owns her own wedding and lifestyle photography business. Kelcy enjoys watching the history channel, drinking chai tea lattes, and traveling to new places with her husband, Dakota. 

How does she stay mentally fit? 

 Some things that help Kelcy stay mentally "fit" are getting plenty of sleep, practicing optimism and thankfulness, finding her talents and channeling those into good/helpful things, and making sure she has her alone time to mentally recharge and work on her goals.