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Mandy Flaming

Why she is a part of UShine

Mandy joined the UShine team through the encouragement of strong friendship ties and her desire to spend more time writing. New opportunities can add richness to one's life and UShine was easy to say 'yes' to! She fully believes in the vision of UShine and has a passion for investing in the lives of young people. 

What makes her smile 

Browsing thrift stores for a treasure, sharing an evening of good food and wine with close friends, reading almost constantly, and taking long walks/runs through her neighborhood with her husband and daughters.  

More about Mandy

Mandy is a native Oklahoman but has lived in Texas almost 20 years. She currently lives in Fort Worth with her husband and two daughters. She's worn many 'hats' in her life including: counselor/therapist, wife/mom, banjo picker, nurse to a chronically ill child, homeschool teacher, runner, volunteer, and writer.

What is her mental "workout"

Running/walking is wonderful therapy for Mandy. A healthy diet is also a top priority. She regularly takes time to herself as a mental recharger. Lastly, her family keeps a gratitude journal in their home where each member can write down a few blessings.