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Maryjo Betancourt

Psychology Major at OC

Why am I part of U!Shine?

I believe that educating both those who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and the people around them is essential in breaking the stigma of mental illness. As someone who has personally dealt with mental illness throughout her life, Mary Jo knows the struggles that comes with describing what mental illness is like and how difficult it is for others to try to help because there has not been proper education on how to approach the topic of metal illness.

What makes me smile?

A thing that never fails to perk MJ up is reading failed autocorrect or funny text messages. MJ enjoys eating lunch at parks, watching dry comedy shows (The Office), and doing yoga. 

More about Mary Jo

Mary Jo is a psychology major at Oklahoma Christian University and plans on continuing her education by studying Clinical Psychology. MJ hopes to one day be a practicing psychotherapist and own a coffee shop. MJ enjoys knitting while watching documentaries about anything and everything.

What is my mental “workout”?

MJ takes into consideration that mental illness takes a toll on a person in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and of course mental self. As part of her mental routine, MJ tries to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day. She has experienced many health issues because of mental illness; therefore MJ does her best to eat like a gluten-free vegan, which helps her mentally, physically, and emotionally. MJ also does yoga to decrease stress and anxiety. MJ also practices meditation as a way to connect with God and practice becoming one with reality.