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Ruth Lalli

Family Studies Major at OC

Why she is a part of U!Shine

Everyone loves a good story, and Ruth believes that everyone also has a good story—a unique one that deserves to be shared. She has seen darkness in stories of her own and those of loved ones, but she’s seen that when those stories are opened and shared it lets in light. U!Shine is about telling those stories and bringing light to the dark parts, and that’s the kind of community Ruth wants to join.

She’s happiest when she is...

Sitting with a friend at a coffee shop, cooking a big meal with and/or for loved ones, working in a garden, or out running on a trail!

More about Ruth

She is a junior at Oklahoma Christian University from Tulsa, OK, majoring in Family Studies with plans to get a master’s degree in counseling. Outside of school she works as an intern for New Hope Church of Christ’s youth group.

Things that help her stay mentally fit

Running a few times a week, making sure she gets enough alone time to re-charge, and “Consolation-Desolation” journaling at night, which involves writing down the parts of each day that brought you life and the parts that drained you of life.