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Sam Redig

Social Media Coordinator

Why she is a part of U!Shine

Sam is a part of U!Shine because she believes in the importance of maintaining the conversation of mental wellbeing on college campuses. Working on the Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind project (now Healthy Habits) which focuses on improving emotional well-being, reducing stress, and improving coping skills among college students allows Sam to be involved in creating a supportive community on her alma mater's campus.

What makes her smile? 

Spending time laughing with her family, playing with her dogs and cat, and cinnamon scented candles. 

More about Sam

Sam is a 2019 graduate of the psychology program at OK Christian University. She is currently a graduate student at University of TX at Dallas pursuing a doctorate degree in Psychological Sciences.

How does she stay mentally fit? 

Sam likes to stay on her mental A-game by spending time praying, taking much needed naps, and calling her mom for advice and comfort. Sam also finds it very important to stay organized and practice mindfulness when feeling stressed or anxious.