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Suzanne Bigelow

Why she became a part of U!Shine

Suzanne became a member of U!Shine through the Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind project, which she help found and establish on campus last Fall. She became excited about the program because having both dealt first hand with mental illness as well as a degree in Psychology, she knows the importance of providing a supportive community to show that nobody is alone in their struggle and that there is hope for everyone.

What makes her heart happy

Spending time with her family and fiance, rainy days, making art, exploring new places, and any dog she ever has or ever will meet.

More about Suzanne

She is currently working on preparations for grad school, with the end goal of earning her PhD in neuropsychology. 

How she stays mentally strong

Surrounding herself with people who encourage her and doing the same for them, turning to art when life gets stressful, taking nightly walks, and celebrating every accomplishment, even the small ones.