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Will Blanchard

Board Chairman

More about Will 

College has become Will’s work and hobby. He works as the Executive Director for Advancement and CDO for Oklahoma Christian University and whiles away his evenings studying at Oklahoma State University on a PhD in…wait for it…higher education. He pines for his Colorado mountains, likes to write fiction, thinks too much, sleeps too little, and owns a guitar.

Why he’s part of U!Shine

Will thinks life is pretty awesome. Sunshine, punk rock, family, coffee—it’s all good. But he hasn’t always seen it that way (and he still doesn’t all the time). Depression and anxiety caused him to drop out of high school, and it took scraping all the way back to graduation to teach him how to soak up life’s goodness and shake off life’s junk. By serving U!Shine, Will hopes to witness other students making that turn—and maybe even help them do it.

What makes him smile?

His sweet wife and adventurous kiddos, the smell of pine trees, telling stories, playing board games, college life, Jesus, and Jim Gaffigan.

How does he work his mental muscles?

He pops in his earbuds, closes his eyes, and jams.