Healthy Habits

Tools to Cultivate your Mental Health

Coping strategies are like carpentry tools.

Imagine that you are a carpenter preparing for your next project. You have a variety of tools in your wood shop, and while each one is a good tool to have, not all of them are useful at all times. In the beginning stages, you might use your ax more than your brush, but towards the end of your project, you might trade your saw for your chisel. Even though you might only use your level once or twice, you still have it in your toolbox just in case you need it for another project down the road.

We believe this metaphor is similar to the seasons we go through in our mental health journey: not every single mental health strategy will be useful at every point in our lives. Healthy Habits teaches students how to identify coping skills at their disposal and how to set goals to implement them now or in the future.


U!Shine's Healthy Habits is a 6-week small group workshop for every student, even if you've never struggled with your mental health. During the program, you'll learn physical, emotional, social, and spiritual tools they can use to cultivate their mental health. There is no charge for attending any of the sessions. You'll meet on your campus with the same small group each week. 

If you're an Oklahoma Christian University student, the sign-up for Healthy Habits 2019 is now available! Just click right here.